Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sad Day

Our hunting club disbanded this past month, for a number of good reasons.  It was too hard to find good members, the lease rates were going up, and none of us could financially afford to float the whole lease fee.  So, we held some phone conversations and decided to move our stuff off the lease.  Today we moved stands and feeders.

My deer stand is disassembled and leaning against a fence in the side lot.  It needs a little work, and that's a good place to work on it.  The feeders are stacked by the shed, and I've got a good opportunity now to give them a good cleaning.  It was emotionally draining this morning, taking stuff off a place I've grown to love, but I feel that we made the best decision we could make.

In another month or so, I"ll move the stand and feeder to family land.  Lots of deer there, but I didn't hunt it.  No particular reason, and a variety of reasons.  This season, it will get plenty of use.

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Old NFO said...

Sorry to hear that, but understood...