Monday, June 16, 2014

Brutal Politics

Hillary Clinton was talking politics yesterday and made a seemingly boneheaded statement concerning her presumed presidential bid.  As Hot Air reports:
“Politics is so unpredictable,” Clinton responded. “Whoever runs has to recognize that the American political system is probably the most difficult, even brutal, in the world.”
Yeah, right, Hillary  Politics is brutal in the US.  Tell that to the Syrians, in the midst of a civil war.  Tell that to the Libyans as their country dissolves into chaos  Tell that to the Ukrainians.  Or for that matter, the Iraqis as the jihadists are beheading people. 

This woman has no idea what brutality is, and is demonstrating that she has no idea, even after her globe-trotting as SecState.

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Old NFO said...

She doesn't have a clue... Now if people will just realize that...