Sunday, November 03, 2013

Old Pictures

Momma brought me some old pictures this morning.  Most of them were baby pictures and family memorabilia, but this one tweaked my memory strings.

That's my Dad's Ford Fairlane, probably a '58, but I have to admit I don't particularly remember.  I do remember that it was a two-tone brown over tan and had a big engine.  And it would run like a scalded ape.  I also remember that it was wrecked in my grandmother's front yard when the lady who lived across the street mistook her gas pedal for her brake pedal and slammed it sitting in my grandad's driveway.

Dad was sick, and Momma was worried about the weeks-worth of groceries in the crushed trunk, so my Grandad opened the trunk with a crow bar before the wrecker hauled it off.

Dad was heartbroken for weeks, especially after he learned that the car was totalled.

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Old NFO said...

Ouch... Probably ran like a scalded dog, and didn't stop worth anything...