Saturday, November 02, 2013

No Joy

What an adventure.  Grandson Zachary and I rolled out of the driveway at 5:00 a.m. this morning, heading for the deer woods.  We stopped at a local convenience store about halfway to the stand for a biscuit (bacon for him, sausage and egg for me), and got on the road.  Within 100 yards I knew that something was wrong, so I got out of the truck and found that our trailer was riding on a flat tire.  Well hell!  I turned around, got back to the store and dollied the trailer.

Of course, I didn't have a spare tire.  A son, (who will remain nameless) had borrowed that trailer and the spare hadn't made it back.  So, Zach and I headed to Wally-World, where we bought two tires on rims, and turned around to get the trailer and the Mule.  Installed the tire, tried it again.  As we came around the final curve in the road, I saw the sun peeking above the pine trees.  We got to the stand about ten minutes after sunrise and settled in.

Of course, PawPaw had laid on a thermos of coffee, a thermos of hot cocoa, some trail mix and some jerky.  No joy on the deer movements.  At about 10:00, Zach and I came out of the woods and headed for the deer camp with our part of the noon meal and a large 2X12 to repair a picnic table.  Fixed the table, ate lunch, and headed toward mother-in-law's house about five miles from the camp.  Visited with family, drank a beer, visited some more, then headed home.

PawPaw's  tired and needs a shower.  With clean blue-jeans and my slippers I'm sure I'll feel a lot better.


Old NFO said...

Ouch, NOT the way to start the morning... And drawing a blank is no fun either!

Matt said...

Damn pawpaw, I hope said son isn't in too much ttrouble. Sorry to hear yall didn't make meat.