Saturday, August 01, 2020

Good News Satuday

There is good news, it's Saturday and we've all lived through July.

Those of us who notice such things, notice that ammo is in short supply.  It's out there, but it's spendy, or rationed.  The days of buying a case of 9mm at 20 cents per round are pretty much over for the foreseeable future are pretty much over.  We're in a perfect storm right now of diminished supply and increased demand,which never bodes well for pricing.

This guy explains it about as well as anyone.

The immutable law of supply and demand, coupled with political uncertainty  and the covid crisis, make this a very uncertain time.

As Tam says, when you can, buy it cheap and stack it deep.


dogsledder said...

The Obama years should h ave taught you what Tam said.

Titan Mk6B said...

I bought a lot of steel case for only 14 cents a round. Not the best ammo to have but at that price I could not turn it down.

Shoots just fine for practice.