Friday, July 31, 2020

Bel's New Normal

Our petty tyrant governor, John Bel Edwards, says that his his mask mandate is going to be with us for a while.
“The mask mandate, that’s just part of the new normal,” Edwards said.  “I think people need to be prepared to continue with that.  And by the way it remains a small price to pay to protect the health of our neighbors, our loved ones.”
It's a mandate, Governor, and mandates rankle freedom-loving people.  If masks were a good idea, people would wear them without your tyranny.  Shoes, for example, are a good idea, and nearly everyone wears a foot covering without a mandate.  It simply makes sense.

I wear a mask when I am out-and-about.  I keep several in the car.  I don't tell anyone to wear a mask, as hat should be a personal decision.  But, as a governor's mandate, it rankles, it pisses me off every time I put it on.  It may be a small price to pay, but any price, however noble, is a tyranny when it is mandated by an over-bearing government official.

And, the petty tyrant in the Governor's mansion still doesn't get it.  Wearing a mask will, to me, never be normal, just a representation of unchecked government power.

I will once gain challenge Governor Edwards:  When this public health crisis is over, (and it will certainly be over at some point), I challenge you to expand freedom in Louisiana with the same vigor that you collapsed freedom during the pandemic.  Reduce regulation, cut taxes, come up with a dozen creatie ways to make Louisiana the most free state in the union.

But you won't do that.  Simply because you're a petty tyrant.


raven said...

They have nothing whatsoever to do with medical safety- not when any rag or bandanna is supposed to comply.

What they are- "Gesslers Mask".

Old NFO said...

Of course he won't... He got that 'taste' of power...