Wednesday, August 12, 2020

2nd Amendment Wednesday

We are fortunate to have a private range on my son's land.  And, we're fortunate that sometimes I can help upgrade the range.  Recently, I bought two sets of 8" steel plates from Yankee Thunder, and today we decided to try them out.  We were running my Kimber 1911 and my SW M&P Shield.

Grandson Lucas wanted to get involved, so we let him pick his pistols.  He wanted to run my 1911 and his Momma's Springfield.  After running the 1911 he had a little trouble on the 

An hour spent on a Wednesday afternoon.  It will be another couple of years before grandson Lucas can be allowed to run a pistol without close adult supervison, but it looks like he's well on his way.

It's a little slice of heaven in the woods.


robert orians said...

That warms the old heart for this old PawPaw . My 12 year old Great Grandson watched it with me . The little man did quite well .

Old NFO said...

Very nice!!!