Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Looking At Election Returns

One of the cool things that we can do i n this day and age is to look at election returns and try to detect trends.  I live in Rapides parish, LA, and and it's interesting to note how people vote.  For example.

In the 2012 Presidential election, 58,019 voters cast ballots in Rapides Parish.
In the 2015 Governor's race, only only 28,503 people cast ballots in Rapides Parish
In the 2016 Presidential election, 56,844 votes were cast in Rapides Parish.
Yesterday, in Rapides Parish, with several important things on the ballot, 40,880 people voted.

The US Census tells us that Rapides Parish has 131,648 people, and that the population has been really stable since 2010.  But, if you look at the disparity between the '15 Governor's race and the '16 Presidential race, we see that only half as many people cast ballots in the Governor's race as cast ballots in the Presidential race.  That's odd.

Yet, yesterday in the midterms, over 40,000 people cast ballots.  This certainly bears more analysis.

A call this morning to the Registrar ofVoters reveals that we have approximately 86,400 registered voters in Rapides Parish.


Old NFO said...

So almost 50% on an off year? People BETTER pay attention to that!

Steve Schultz said...

So 50% of the population is deciding things for the whole group. Seems like thats not really fair. Wonder what would happen if there was a law that stated that if there wasn't a majority of voters in an area; then those votes wouldn't be able to be counted.

talk amongst yourselves.