Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Don't Be Creepy

Instapundit notes that one Pennsylvania Democrat is reminding voters that voting is public record.   If you go to the linked article, you find this:
Democratic candidate Scott Wallace, who is running against incumbent Republican representative Brian Fitzpatrick in Pennsylvania's toss-up 1st Congressional District, is distributing door hangers in the area that oddly inform voters that "who you vote for is private, but whether or not you vote is public record" and adding that the campaign "can't wait to see that you voted on November 6!"
Well, that is all true, but it takes a special kind of stupid not to see the hidden threat.   It's Orwellian, and implies that people who don't vote..... you figure it out.  I know that voter rolls are public record, and I know that Louisiana is (supposed to) purge voter rolls if a citizen doesn't vote in five years.  Lots of good reasons for that.  You might have died, or moved, or any number of things. 

But, being reminded by a candidate that voter records are public record is just downright creepy.  I believe I would have to vote against any candidate who sent out that message.  In this case, he's a Democrat, which is another reason to vote against him.    I hope Wallace loses big today.

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Jonathan H said...

In North Dakota, the Democrats were distributing flyers claiming that if hunters voted, they could lose out of state hunting licenses.