Monday, November 05, 2018

It Works

I think I have the stealth cam set up.  Still testing, but I did the basic setup while working a detail tonight.  This was a professional development for teachers, and while I was watching the lobby, I set it up on a table to see if it would take pictures.

A pic of a fat deputy walking out to his car.
And here's another.

That's one of the teachers moving between classrooms.  So, inn light, it works pretty well.  I cropped both of those pics out, it seems that this camera has about a 60 degree field of view.  And, I have the date/time stamp set up properly.

I have it set up in the back yard right now.  We'll see how it does in low-light or near-total darkness.  I'm sure that it will get pictures of cats moving around tonight.  We'll check it in the morning for feline activity.  But, so far, so good.

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Old NFO said...

The problem will be the time delay activation. That's what drove me nuts trying to get set, especially at night.