Tuesday, November 06, 2018

I Voted

This morning after Belle left for work, I piddled around for a bit, then went to vote.  We have voted at Philadelphia Baptist Church for the last 12 years, but when I got to the church, the doors were locked and a sign directed me to the new library at Libuse, LA.  No problem, that's on the way to the barber shop.

Went to the library and voted.  Thence to the barber, then next door to the grocer, where I picked u some corn tortillas, chorizo, eggs, baconn, ad other incidentals.  Went home and cranked up the griddle to make hurvos rancheros.  Basically, warm corn tortillas, with cheese, chorizo, fried eggs and more cheese.  It may not be heart-healthry, but there is very little carbs in that meal, and I'm watching carbs. I added bacon, because I needed the bacon grease to warm the tortillas, and why not?

I fed Zach and I lunch, then straightened up the kitchen.  One thing I'm learning about that griddle is that the longer I use it, the easier it is to clean.  Nothing sticks to it, and while it is warm, a quick rubdown with paper towels is sufficient.


Bob F said...

"I added bacon, because I needed the bacon grease to warm the tortillas"

Uh huh. I do believe that one merits a trip to the grog bowl. :-)

Pawpaw said...

Well, Bob, everyone knows that corn tortillas are properly warmed using a hot skillet ad bacon grease. Nothing else will do. Anything else is ersatz.


That's where I got my recipe. Although I added chorizo.

Old NFO said...

:-) Everything goes with bacon!