Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Two posts from yesterday at Hot Air are compelling reads.  It seems that the FBI noose is tightening around the Clinton campaign, and that the findings are troubling.   In this article, Andrew McCarthy lays out the case that this is not a simple problem of negligence, this is willful attempt to evade the law.
Mind you, even the reckless mishandling of classified information is a serious crime. But all indications are that Mrs. Clinton was not grossly negligent. This was a thought-out, quite intentional violation of law. It now looks as if her scheme involved erasing the markings from some documents because she (a) knew what she was doing was a serious violation of law, (b) anticipated the possibility of being called on it, and (c) hoped to set up a fraudulent defense that she lacked knowledge that the documents were classified.
The second article from yesterday tells us that the FBI is just about ready to take their recommendations to the Justice Department and begin the process of prosecution.  If DOJ refuses, the FBI is reportedly steeling themselves to bring the information to the public anyway.
 Washington Post columnist and Fox News commentator Krauthammer predicted on Fox News' Special Report a week later that there would be mass resignations if the DOJ doesn't move forward with an FBI recommendation. "If it happens and then it's squashed so it doesn't actually go forward, I can imagine the career lawyers in the FBI -- the career people -- are going to resign en masse.  It will be like the Saturday Night Massacre," Krauthammer predicted.
So, AG Lynch will be faced with a compelling choice.  Either move forward with the indictment of Hillary Clinton and her closest aides, or face a constitutional crises not unlike the Saturday Night Massacre in the Nixon era.

My question, based on my experience with classified documents in the military, is who else had access to Hillary's server?  Sometimes, simple access is criminal, and I'd bet that both Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton had access to that server.  Based on how far they're willing to take this, the revelations may be very interesting indeed.

Stay tuned, and have the popcorn ready.


Grog said...

I'll bet a bowl of popcorn Huma Abdein(sp)also had access to the server, and used it.

Pawpaw said...

Oh, yeah, Greg, no doubt. Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills and Jake Sullivan had access and used it. One or more of them are the minions that are set to take the fall. What I'm curious about was if the Lightworker was on any of those mailing lists.

It stretches credibility to believe that the CinC didn't have the SecState's email address, and vice versa.

North Texan said...

Oh this could be the very last Clinton campaign ever if all goes right. Best news of 2016 so far.