Friday, January 08, 2016

My Ruger Story - Update

I last talked about that Ruger revolver on December 23rd.  I had a shipment coming in from New Hampshire and thought it was from Ruger.  The package was supposed to arrive on December 26th.  I knew that a firearm shipment would require a signature, so I hung around the house that day, waiting on the delivery driver.  Imagine my surprise when I walked out into the garage and found a package from New Hampshire sitting on my bench.  No signature required and it was awfully light.  No firearm in there.  So, I opened the package and found two nice Ruger ball caps.  One white, one red.  No gun.

So, on Monday, Dec 28th I called Ruger.  The service guy told me that they still had my gun, but he could see that they shipped me a couple of hats.  He promised that I'd get another email when my gun shipped.

Earlier this week, I got the email.  My package would arrive on Thursday, January 7th.  I went to FedEx on Wednesday and explained what that we'd be at work.  The nice lady and I decided on a plan to meet the truck when it got back to the facility, and last night we worked it out.  I signed for my package and brought it home.  The Ruger is back at home.

Looking at the revolver, it seems that Ruger polished it.  It is certainly a lot shinier than it was when it left.  Someone spent some time on a buffing wheel.  I'm not sure if the grips that came back with the revolver are the same grips I sent to the factory.  It looks like they've been refinished too.  Either way, the revolver went to Ruger with nice rosewood grips and came back with nicer rosewood grips.  Those won't stay on the gun.

I had lightened the mainspring for Milady, by the simple expedient of cutting a few coils.  This morning,  Milady tried the hammer and pronounced that it was stiff as a board.  No doubt.  Ruger (as they're required to do by our litigious society) replaced the mainspring, and I'm sure that they gave the internals a good inspection while they had the revolver.  I fully expected them to so so.  Changing a mainspring is a fairly simple task and I have some spare Wolff springs in the bag.

Ruger stood by its promise, took care of a customer, and sent a couple of caps as well.  In the next day or so, I'll have that mainspring replaced and Milady will have her revolver hack in her shooting bag.  It's good to have it home.  When we have a half-dozen folks shooting in the back yard, we need all the spare revolvers we can muster.

Thanks, Ruger.

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