Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Cast Iron Cleaner

I've been using cast iron my whole life, and still cook with my cast iron skillets and dutch ovens daily.  If I'm cooking, the first thing I grab is a black iron pot.

At Christmas, my brother-in-law David sent me a little piece of chain-mail and sent the message that I should use it to clean my cast iron.  I'm funny about cleaning cast iron, because I take care to manage the seasoning of my collection.  Seasoning is important when you're using cast iron and you don't want anything to disturb it.  It's a natural, no-stick coating that takes time and effort to obtain.

But, occasionally, something will stick.  Milady likes to cook an Alfredo sauce and when we're done, there is always a little scorched Alfredon on the bottom of the pot.  Today, I came home to find that very thing.  Milady had put the pot in the sink to soak (which will not hurt cast iron), so when I came home I started cleaning then thought about that piece of chain-mail.

Great Googly-Moogly.  That little piece of chain-mail cleaned that pot slick as a whistle with very little effort.  This is the best thing for cleaning cast iron I've seen in several years.

I found it on Amazon, and the link is here.  This is a great little labor-saver, and it has the PawPaw seal of approval.

Thanks, David.  That little piece of mail is a godsend.

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