Saturday, January 09, 2016

Thorn Valley Club Practice

Good practice today at Thorn Valley. Several shooters shot a personal best today.

Big Mark hit a 340 and was able to back it up sevral times.

Tony Tombstone was in the low 4s and deadly, hitting four or five in a row. His fast score today was a 376

Our new shooter, Harvey is flirting in the 5s. today. He's playing with his draw, learning new things, but he's getting quicker, fast.

Major D (my CFDA alias) was stuck in the low 7s, Couldn't find the target with a ball-peen hammer  even if he was standing down-range.  Eventually, I found the target and hit a couple of occasional 6s. Silverside was on the announcer's bench and called one shot of Major Ds at a 483. I don't believe it, but I still don't believe that 539 I shot at the invitational. Strange things happen when you're going fast.

Blue-Eyed Belle (Milady's alias) got her Ruger back this week, and after shooting her normal 1 second times with the Pietta, she took a break and switched over to the Ruger When she came back on the line with the Ruger, on her second shot, Silverside called the time at a 0.689. She objected, but Silverside told her that if Major D could shoot a 483, she could shoot a 689.

Great practice today, we're excited about Texas State and the new year at Thorn Valley.

A quick photo.  Silverside far left at the announcer's bench, Tombstone in lane 1, Sinister Sal in lane 2, and Big Mark sorting brass on lane 4.

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