Thursday, January 07, 2016

Four Scenarios

If you've been following the ongoing, depressing, political, Hillary train wreck, you'll know that she's under investigation by the FBI for her email server problems.    Roger Simon talks about four possible outcomes of the investigation.

From what I've read of FBI Director James Comey is directing the investigation,, he's a hard-nosed, non-partisan cop who digs until he finds an answer, Once he finds the answer, he reports to his boss and lets the chips fall where they may.  So, as Comey winds up his investigation over the next several weeks, we should see on of the four plausible scenarios unfold.  However, Comey's boss is AG Loretta Lynch, so her inclinations in this case matter.  They matter a lot.

1. We learn the FBI recommends an indictment and Lynch goes forward.
2. Lynch does not go forward but word leaks out the FBI had recommended that she do.
3. The FBI doesn't recommend but whistle blowers come out to say they should have.
4.  Nothing happens -- what Obama would call "transparency" but the rest of us might call stonewalling.

I'm going to discount scenario 4.  Too much time, energy and ink have been expended on this investigation for it to just quietly die.  The report is going to come out, and if the FBI recommends it move to a grand jury, AG Lynch is the one on the hook for that.  Sometimes investigations die quietly for one reason or another, but I doubt this will be one of them.

Hillary Clinton has more political problems than the email investigation.  And, a Behghazi movie is set to be released that doesn't put the administration (and Secretary Clinton) in a good light.

But, I believe that Hillary's email problems are the most likely to derail her campaign, if not land her in jail.  Go read Roger's evaluation of the possible scenarios.


Old NFO said...

There is a 5th possibility, blanket pardon by BO, and she runs anyway... sigh

Titan Mk6B said...

For some reason I keep imagining the conversation went like this. "Don't worry Joe. She won't make it to the finish line."

Bear said...

" Hillary's email problems are the most likely to derail her campaign, if not land her in jail."

Nope. Simply failing to turn over each email within 60 days of creation is a felony that specifically -- and perpetually -- bars her from holding public office. She's repeatedly and publicly admitted those crimes. And absolutely nothing happened.