Saturday, January 02, 2016

Thorn Valley

First practice of the year at the Thorn Valley Shootist Society.  About eight members showed, and a host of visitors wanting to try it out.  Good times.

Akarate Zach was working his draw, trying to get his muscle memory down pat, and suddenly, he was hitting int he 6s at about 60 percent.

For the un-initiated, that means he was drawing, cocking, firing a single action revolver and hitting the target 21 feet away in just a little over 6/10ths of a second.  His fast time today was 0.644.  The interesting thing is that last week he was hitting in the 8s.  Generally, a shooter makes marked progress one step at a time, but Zach skipped the 7s and dropped down into the 6s today.  If he keeps his muscle memory and his accuracy, he'll be a contender at Texas State in April.

Blue-Eyed Belle declared it too cold for mice and men, and she never pulled a trigger today.  She spent her time calling the line and visiting with shooters.  For myself, I'm still stuck in the 7s, but my accuracy is improving.  I'm running about 80 percent in the 7s.  Four more months till Texas State, and I want to be at 80% in the 6s.  We'll see about that.

We had several visitors today, with a couple of them expressing interest.  We'll see, but that's how you grow a club, one shooter at a time.

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Old NFO said...

I see he's starting to get the 'rock' in there...