Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Tax and Spend Democrat

I know, I know, Louisiana elected a Democrat as governor this past November, and now we've got to dance with the devil.  He takes a look at the budget and the first thing he wants to do is increase taxes.
The state could increase its 4-cent sales tax by a penny, starting in April, and bring in $216 million more for the fiscal year that ends June 30.
Millions more could be brought in if the cigarette tax is hiked an additional 22 cents above the 86-cent tax rate state lawmakers approved last year.
Corporate income taxes could be overhauled to address a recent slump in payments.
Personal income tax brackets could be adjusted to bring in more revenue.
Let's see.  He wants to increase sales taxes, sin taxes, corporate income taxes and personal income taxes.  Did he miss any?  I don't think so, that's a clean sweep in my book.  I guess we could turn all the state highways into toll roads, but that would require a huge increase in state workers.  Oh, wait, don't give him any ideas.

I've got a a better idea, Governor, how about cutting the budget to fall in line with expected revenues.  That's what households do when their income is cut.  We wouldn't want government to play by the same rules as honest, hardworking, Louisiana households, would we?

With oil at $28.00 a barrel, the oilfield stacking rigs, and Louisiana business and families hurting, the very first thing he comes out with is an across-the-board tax hike.  That's good governance, Mr. Edwards.  Thanks for caring.

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Peripatetic Engineer said...

Yep. You get what you vote for. Next I'm sure Landrieu will add some taxes to Orleans Parish.