Sunday, February 22, 2015

Winter in the Deep South

It looks like we're under a freezing rain advisory.  All of you in the Frozen North may wonder at this, but here is the advisory we got tonight:
The National Weather Service in Lake Charles has issued a
Freezing Rain Advisory... which is in effect from 6 am Monday to
noon CST Tuesday. 
* Timing... sub-freezing temperatures are expected from mid morning
  Monday through midday Tuesday. Any rain that occurs during this
  period will have the potential to freeze upon reaching the
* Ice accumulations... averaging between five to fifteen
  hundredths of an inch. 
That's the whole advisory.  Between five to fifteen hundredths of an inch.  Ice.  Maybe.  Maybe not.

Of course, the whole system has now shut down.  Schools closed.  State Offices closed.  The whole list is here, and they're serious.  We may get a little ice, so we're shutting down. Get over it.

Because schools are closed, PawPaw will be cooling his heels at home tomorrow.  Doing laundry.  Keeping a weather eye out for ... weather.  That we may or may not get.

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JoeMama said...

Wet sidewalks are a serious winter hazard up here in the north. Few people appreciate what can happen when a smoker drops a cigarette into an ankle deep puddle.

They forget that liquid oxygen accelerates combustion and there will be an explosion.

You were talking about liquid oxygen rain, weren't you?