Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Scout Update

The Scout project is moving along nicely.  I took possession of the rifle at the start of the year, and posted about it in January.  When I found the rifle, it was new-old stock at the gun shop; Savage having not cataloged the model for a year or so.  They were available from the Custom Shop, but I thought I'd best pick one up while they were available.  While showing the rifle to my son, he asked if anyone made an extended magazine fo rthe rifle.  I told him that to my knowledge, the only magazine available was the standard, four-round box. I should not have been so pessimistic.

Comes the SHOT show in late January, and Savage unveils their new rifle, the Model 11 Scout. An upgraded verson, with a flash hider, a Karsten cheekpiece, and low-and-behold, a 10-round magazine.  I talked about it in this post.

Nice looking rifle, don't you think?  The stock is that desert tan/coyote/flat earth color that seems to be in fashion lately.  It's got all the bells and whistles, but looking at that picture got me to pondering my new-old stock Scout rifle, and I began to wonder if that new magazine would fit into the older rifle.  I've been playing with Savage rifles for more than a decade, and if I know anything about them, they seem to enjoy using common parts where possible.  They like common parts, so it made sense to me that the new box magazine might fit in my old(er) rifle.

So, one day last week I called Savage Customer Service at (413) 568-7001 and talked to the nice lady there. She told me that my rifle and the new rifle shared the same bottom metal and the same magazine release, so I made a bet, by ordering one of the new magazines, that the 10-rounder would fit in my rifle.

The package came in Monday past.  I found it near the door when I got in from work, and after a few chores, opened it.  I got out the rifle, and the new magazine snapped right it, just like it was supposed to.  I snapped it in and out a couple of times, then went out in the shop and got some dummy rounds.  Fed them into the new box magazine, snapped it in place, and ran the dummy ammo through the action.  It fed and ejected just fine.

Below is a picture of the rifle with the included 4-round magazine.

Nice, flush with the stock, probably a perfect magazine for stalking or stand hunting.  Four rounds is generally plenty in that circumstance.
Now, the rifle with the 10-round magazine.

Same rifle, 10-round magazine.  I can see a benefit to the larger magazine.
For the record, what Savage sent me is part #110570. Part description: MAG BOX ASSY, SHORT, (10 ROUND)w/LOGO BUTTON.  Yesterday, I called Savage again to order a couple of more.  When I gave the guy the part number, he said "Oh, the new 10-round box." Evidently the word is getting out.  The new Savage magazine fits the Accustock bottom metal.  Hooray for Savage.  I have two more on the way.  With the factory 4-round magazine and three accessory 10-round mags, I should have sufficient capacity.

Now, to put a scope on it and do something about that horrid carry strap Savage sent with it.  The stock seems to be a little long for my tastes, but I'll shoot it a while before I decide if I want to cut it down.  More updates as they become available.


Old NFO said...

That's great that the new mags fit! :-) Spares are a great idea too! :-)

Old NFO said...

That's great that the new mags fit! :-) Spares are a great idea too! :-)

Dean Daniel said...

Andy the guy that runs the forum makes a nice 2 point sling that works like the 3 point ching slings. Pretty slick, you should check them out.

Alien said...

What was the price on the magazines?

Anonymous said...

But so can you tell me if your 10 FCM magazine will fit in the new 11 Scout rifle?!