Saturday, February 28, 2015

At the Auction

We went to the auction last night, and as I wandered the tables, a silver and yellow power tool caught my eye.

A DeWalt DW610 router.  A router is one of those tools that, unless you're an every-day woodworker, you need only once in a blue moon.  But, when you need a router, there's really no other tool for the job.  This particular router is no longer made, but we're past the time where a particular tool model stays on the inventory for more than a year or so.  My casual inspection shows that this router was used very lightly, if at all.

This router was on a table with tools, and the auctioneer opened the bid as "Choice on the Table" which means that the bid was for every item on the table and that the winner could choose the item, or several of the items at the same price.  I opened the bidding at $10 and one other fellow bid against me, so I went to $20 and won the bid.  The only tool I wanted was that router.

It's an $80 router.  Nothing fancy, but DeWalt is known for solid power tools.  I'll have to pick up some bits, which I'm sure will cost me more than the router cost, but now I've added a router to the tool bin.


Old NFO said...

Nice find! And it'll work for a long time, as I know you take care of your tools!

zdogk9 said...

MLCS woodworking for the bits, I've a DeWalt router I bought used 15 years ago, still going strong.

Swede Cutter said...

I've had 2 of the same router that were (pre-Dewalt) Black and Decker. They were among the four Porter Cable routers that I own, but I used them more than the others until they died. I am VERY jealous of your find. It is an awesome work horse for any shop. Hope I am as fortunate as you and find one soon.