Monday, February 09, 2015

Glow-ball Warmening

Global warming is all over the news, and I've been a skeptic since Day 1, not because I understand meteorology, but because I understand statistics and measurement.  When your measurements are wrong, your conclusions are wrong and no amount of massaging the data will help you understad whatever it is you're trying to measure.  Especially temperature.

Weather phenomena is important to aviators, and weather stations tend to be clustered around airports.  Lets examine just one photo, taken of a weather station at an airport.

In the lower right corner, we see a jet aircraft.  In the top center, we see a weather station.  Jet aircraft,  by their very nature, blow fire out of their exhausts and the exhaust travels a good distance.  What effect do you think hat the jet exhaust might have on that weather station?  Especially if you're trying to measure temperature differences across the globe, when every airport has a weather station?

With jet blast playing across your weather station every day, your average temperature measurements are utter bullshit.  And this is just one example of thousands.  Of course, the warmists will tell you that their data is "adjusted".  I should say so, it's adjusted by jet blast.  In other words, it's total bullshit.  We don't know, because every-so-often, someone blows hot air across your station.

Other folks are noticing, and John Hinderaker, over at Powerline, has a good post with a lot more science than I feel like absorbing.  John points out that some folks are starting to notice that the data has been tampered with:
One of the areas that Homewood has looked at is Paraguay. In a post titled All of Paraguay’s temperature record has been tampered with, he found that GISS has systematically altered temperature records to make the past look cooler and the present warmer, and to create an entirely fictitious warming trend.
As they say, go read the whole thing, but I've known for years that the Glowball Warmening argument was total bullshit.  Simply look at the photo above, and tell me that the data generated there is valid.

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Old NFO said...

Hopefully the raw data is still available somewhere so that the REAL scientists in the future can actually do science on it...