Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Fish Cooker Parts

Several years ago I was at the action, and an old fish cooker/tank combo came up on the block.  I picked it up for $15.00, thinking that was a good price on a propane tank.  I took the cooker and put it int he shed and promptly forgot about it.

Earlier this week I was poking around in the shed and found that cooker, so I took it out in the sunshine and looked at it.  Good steel, and a cast burner, I could probably use it as a spare if I could get it running.  The hoses were shot, and the regulator was ancient, so I bought a regulator, then realized that none of the fittings on that ancient cooker are even close to today's standard.

So, today, I took my orifice and regulator and went to the hardware store to see if I could mate the two.  Sure enough, we found the fittings and for $12.00 US, I was able to find the pieces to cobble together another cooker.  Later this spring, when I do a big frying on Sunday, and extra cooker will come in handy.

There is nothing in this world like a good hardware store.

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JoeMama said...

"There is nothing in this world like a good hardware store"