Monday, February 02, 2015

Model 10 FCM Scout

Back in October I put a Savage Model 10 FCM Scout rifle on layaway.  I got a pretty good deal on it out of the store.Savage quit cataloging it last year, and I was afraid that if I let this one slip by, I might not have another chance, so I put it on layaway and got it out after the New Year.  I talked about it here.

In fairness, this rifle shows great promise, although I have not yet pulled the trigger on a live round.  It has Savage's wonderful AccuTrigger, and it also has Savage's AccuStock, a stock with an aluminum spine that from all accounts, beds the action completely. The four round magazine is certainly usable for general tasks, but like many of you, I'd prefer a larger magazine.  I had searched around the web for a larger box, without a lot of success.  I should not have been so pessimistic.

Comes SHOT show 2015 and Savage has introduced an upgrade to their line, with a re-introduction of the Scout rifle.  They're calling this one the 11 Scout, and it looks like a nice rifle.  Spacers in the stock, a flash-hider, an adjustable check saddle, and lo-and-behold, a 10 round magazine.  Of course, it has the Accutrigger and the AccuStock.

That box magazine got me to pondering, (as they say), and I'm aware of Savage's penchant for assembly line processes, so this morning I called Savage customer service and got a really nice lady who was willing to talk with me about the new rifle, especially the magazine.  She compared my rifle with the new offering.  She told me that the new rifle uses the same bottom metal as mine and opined that the new 10-round box would probably work in my rifle.  I told her that I'd be willing to take that chance and ordered the 10-round box to try in my rifle.  She took my information and told me that she'd put it in the mail.  I should get it in a week to ten days.

The cheek piece is a Karsten, and next month I'll probably order one of those as well.  Hopefully in another month or so, we'll take this rifle out to the range and see if it will shoot.  I have high hopes and wonderful expectations.  More later.


Old NFO said...

Definitely curious to see what your take is on this rifle. The white is pretty light considering and I'm not sure that I personally like the scope that far forward.

JimB said...

Can't be sure but the magazine looks the same as the one that came with my Ruger Gunsite .308. I wonder who make the magazines for these rifles.