Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Great Ice Storm of 2015

It looks like we've survived the Great Ice Storm of 2015.  A thin skim of ice on the decks and cars, and of course, the dog's water frisbee froze over.  He whined and whimpered this morning until I broke the ice and filled it with liquid water, because he simply will NOT drink out of his water bowl in the house.  It's the frisbee or nothing.  The dawg has standards.  He'll only drink from mud puddles or that frisbee.  Otherwise, he'll gladly dehydrate.  His inside water bowl doesn't exist for him.  Go figure.

Thin skim of ice on the deck. Liquid water in the frisbee.
In the meantime, I've got red beans in the crock pot.  I'll start seasoning them about noon.  We'll eat red beans and sausage for supper.

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