Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Wednesday afternoon

It was another "one of them days" at the schoolhouse. However, I did get home at a reasonable hour and I've taken time to pay bills that haven't been paid this month.

In the meantime, I'm watching these bird deaths that are being reported. It seems that in Arkansas and in southern Louisiana, dead birds are falling from the sky. Sometimes in the hundreds. Red-wing blackbirds seem to be affected, and now I see that bird deaths are being reported in Sweden, and in Illinois.

Ain't that strange? I'm waiting for the conspiracy theorists to get cranked up. Either them, or the fundamental religious types. I'm sure that the wrath of God has descended on the avian populations.

We live in interesting times.


Anonymous said...

"I'm waiting for the conspiracy theorists to get cranked up."
Captain Trips was released from the Army's Biowarfare Center!! The CFR, Masons, Tri-lateral Commision, the Club of Rome, the Bildibergers, and their families are the only ones with the vaccine!! Run for the hills!!

Rivrdog said...

Basically, the tweets mass-roost in a park area near a densely-settled suburb. At midnight on New year's Eve, the roost was startled into the air by the festivities, and they flew into a violent updraft in a thunderstorm cell overhead, and were given a ride, with a hail pounding, that they couldn't survive.

End of story.