Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday Sloth

I didn't do much today. After Uncle Dennis' funeral we went to the auction. In a weird convergence of coincidence, neither Milady nor I saw anything at the auction that needed to come home with us, so we bought nothing today.

Generally, after the auction a bunch of us go out to eat, so we did that. Then home, where we've become lethargic and slothful. Even the dog is resting, on the living room floor with his ball.

He'll probably soon kick the ball under the couch, then freak out until I get on my knees and retrieve it for him. When the ball is where he can't get it, he gets all unwrapped.

I intend to load some .308 ammo tomorrow. Hunting season is over as far as I'm concerned and it's time to start getting ready for next year. There's lots to do before the last weekend in October and times a-wasting. I want to do a lot more position work this year than I did last year. I need to get away from the bench and start working on basic marksmanship. The first part of that is to load some ammo. I happen to have nearly 400 blem bullets in .30 caliber, weighed, sorted and ready to load. I need ammo for the summer months.

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Old NFO said...

Some days the BEST thing to do is nothing... just sayin...