Sunday, January 16, 2011

Last Day

Today is the last day of the regular gun season for deer in Area 2, the deer hunting area that dominates north-central Louisiana. I didn't hunt today as the entire area is under a steady drizzling rain. I took two deer this year and there's meat in the freezer and I had a heck of a good time, but it's over.

Just a few minutes ago, I took my rifle out of it's spot in the washroom, wiped it down, took the ammo out of the buttstock ammo holder and put the rifle away in the locker. Sometime later this afternoon I'll take my hunting bag from the shelf in the garage and take batteries out of the camera and GPS. I've already stored the game camera.

Since October I've probably fired fifteen rounds of rifle ammo and maybe 50 rounds of handgun ammo. I've been hunting. Now that the season is over it's time to begin the process again, shooting at the range on Saturday, planning and plotting and getting ready for next year. One day soon I'll go out to the lease, pick up the feeders and start figuring a route into a great white-oak flat I found this year. I want to put a stand up near that white-oak flat so my sons and grandkids can hunt with me. It should make a magnificent .30-30 stand. I want that stand up before the heat of the summer, so I've got some work to do in the next several months.

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