Monday, December 08, 2014

Another Convert

Christians are happy when a person is saved, and hunters are happy when another person sees what we're really all about.  This feel-good story is about a California photographer who decided to make a photo shoot about hunting, and had an epiphany.
I am totally a so California girl, I thought hunters were barbaric, blood thirsty, gun lovers. What Ive learned moving to Idaho is hunting has nothing to do with violence or aggression. It’s a little like farming or gardening. People protect and care for their chickens and their vegetable plants, only to end up using them for food. Also, hunters support conservation of wild places and laws that protect wildlife populations What I learned with Harlee’s family is that they want to know where their food comes from, have clean lean meat, they eat the whole animal, and share the meat with friends and family. I still would never be a hunter, but my perspective has shifted and learned hunters are more knowledgeable and thoughtful about animals and nature.
Of course, when you have a photo subject as alluring as this, it's easy to see the beauty of hunting.  Here's the model, with her dad.

Here's another one, just because.

Nice elk, beautiful country, ad a wonderful photo opportunity.

That's a feel-good story all around.

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