Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bloomberg pulls a Nagin

It looks like Hizzoner Mayor Bloomberg is not ordering an evacuation of NYC, although they are shutting down the subways.  Evidently, Mayor Bloomberg is trying to foster individual responsibility in the face of a natural disaster and individual responsibility is a good thing.
Mayor Bloomberg has affirmatively decided NOT to evacuate even the most low-lying areas of his vulnerable city, nor even to close the city government or schools Monday.
That's liable to jump up and bite him in the ass. However, my long experience with tropical storms and hurricanes in Louisiana is such that I don't need an elected official to tell me to do what needs to be done. Sometimes you ignore official prognostication and GET THE HELL OUT.  Of course, the subways may not be the smartest place to be in a hurricane.  If the electricity fails and a storm surge hits, you might be drowned like a rat in a hole.

It would be much better if everyone got into a bus and headed west.  Take a trip to Michigan, or Iowa, or even Los Angeles.  Stay three weeks until the lights come back on, the storm surge subsides, and the election is over.

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