Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Y'all Pray

Y'all pray for Jerome Scott, a dear friend of mine.  He blew an aorta last night and frankly, I'm surprised that they got him to the hospital before he bled out.  Jerome is one of these type-A personality guys.  He's an elected official, an auctioneer, and always has a project going.  He got out of surgery today about 1:00 and the doctors said that with the damage they found, only about 10% of people make it as far as Jerome has made it.  They moved him to ICU where he'll be for 2-4 days.  If he makes it though ICU he'll get to a ward.

Prayers, please.  It matters to me.


Old NFO said...

Done and done.

Anonymous said...

Done for him, his family and for you

Anonymous said...

Done, for his family and for you as well.