Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday Blahs

Not much going on today, so I go to the polls, where we see that the Romney team is making ground against the Obamunists.  Gallup today shows Romney 50%, Obama 46% among likely voters.  The two are tied at 47 for registered voters.  I saw a poll earlier today where Romney is leading among rural voters in the swing states, and that he's even in position to take Pennsylvania. All these are good signs of a fundamental shift in the election, and it's time for Obama to play catch-up.  The only problem is that he's never had to play catch-up and isn't sure what he's doing, or how he's supposed to do it.

Tonight is the second Presidential Debate and as long as Romney doesn't screw the pooch, it should be great.  A bigger game-changer would be for Obama to totally blow it (hey!, it's happened before) with the electorate looking hard at him.  IT'll be fun to watch the numbers climb over the weekend.  Still, we can't get cocky.

Simply keep up the pressure, keep spreading the message, and November 7th will be plenty of time to celebrate.  That'll give Moochelle time to find new digs before January.  Maybe she and the kids can spend Christmas in Hawaii, getting settled in to the new house.

In other news, I picked up a couple of little filets from the meat market.  In another hour, I'll clean the grill, then, when Milady gets home, we'll bake some potatoes.  Nothing too heavy, just a little 8-oz filet and a baked potato.

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Rivrdog said...

Roger the blahs. I'll be 10-7 until Election Day.