Tuesday, April 19, 2011

That Ugly Rifle III

Y'all remember that ugly rifle I bought as a BAG day gun, and me having to take it apart and clean all the paint from it.

Here's the before picture.

I was able to get the paint off using naptha and 0 grade steel wool without damaging the blueing. I started looking for stocks and realized that I was going to need a few parts, like a magazine, follower, spring, some action screws, so I called Savage Customer Service and told them that I had a project action I'd like to rehab, and asked about my options.

The young lady told me that the rifle left the factory as a synthetic stocked, detachable magazine, .308 rifle, a Model 11 FCNS. She said that she could ship me all the parts, unless I wanted something different. "Something different?" I asked.

"Sure" says she. "You can make it anything you want it to be. Wood stock, synthetic, box magazine, floorplate, anything you want."

So, we talked about least-cost options and she started listing parts that I'd need. She gave me a very attractive price on the parts I'd need and I gave her a credit card number and told her to ship it out.

It's now a Model 11 FNS. Synthetic stock, blind magazine, the basic Hunter model rifle. The box came in yesterday and I put it together this afternoon after work. Here's the after photograph.

That's a little better, don't you think? I think it's great, and will make a nice addition to my collection. If you've ever got a question about a Savage firearm, call Customer Service and talk to the nice people there. Tell 'em PawPaw sent you.


J said...

I like it!

Jester said...

Looks great!

Pappy said...

You did good!

Anonymous said...

A very worthy BAG Day project, PawPaw. You revived it and it will live for generations.

Andy Ford

Anonymous said...

Very nice! Thanks for saving it from Bubba. Well wear!


Anonymous said...

It is not ugly any more; nice job.


Sport Pilot said...

Turned out very well and will make an excellent hunting rifle for one of your grand children down the road I'd say.