Saturday, April 09, 2011

That Ugly Rifle II

Okay, I've got it stripped enough for now to have a starting point for refurbishing this rifle. I haven't decided on a wood stock or a plastic stock, but I've taken all the ill-fitting parts off. Now it's time to strip paint and see if I can get it off without removing the bluing.

I've tried an inconspicuous spot and the paint scrapes off easily. Thankfully, it doesn't look like the mall-ninja prepped the metal before going crazy with the Krylon. I've thought about Easy-Off oven cleaner and steel wool, but I'd rather not damage the bluing.

Ideas anyone? Bueller?


Jester said...

Acetone. Try it to see if it will affect your bluing and give it a couple days to watch. I've seen it not affect quality bluing and I've seen it affect bluing of questionable quality. It should remove that paint fairly well if its just krylon like you suspect and it is what I used in my Army time to clean up buttstock numbers for various weapons. Just be warned it will strip out all oil as well.
Again try in out of the way place.

Another possible thought may be to strip all that off, prep the metal and try your own krylon or duracoat or whatever it is Brownell's sells, then have it set up for a grandkid rifle.

Anonymous said...

Try gasoline, kerosene, paint thinner, or lighter fluid. Test a few drops on an inconspicuous place to make sure it will not damage the blue-Possum.

be603 said...

Ed's Red.

Sport Pilot said...

Ed's Red has ATF in it which will strip paint and bluing pretty darn quick. FWIW I wouldn't worry about the bluing, use whatever you need to safely remove the paint, then have the barreled reciever meida blasted. After this make sure no dust or grit is left on it, wipe down with acetone and paint with black durokote from Brownell's. It will look fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Coleman Fuel or Walmart Camp Fuel. They are actually Petroleum Naptha at a much lower price than the same thing in either a teeny lighter fuel tin or at the paint store. It'll wipe the Krylon away with only a cotton rag and you'll have enough left from a gallon to run a Coleman Stove or Lantern for quite a long time.

Gerry N.