Friday, January 04, 2019

Que The Clowns

I see that the "most diverse House ever" was sworn in yesterday and promptly elected an aging white woman as Speaker.  The first order of business was to end the shutdown, so they got busy and passe a bill.
The Dems kicked off with some legislation, a bill described by the media fan bois as one that will end the shutdown. ABC News has a headline "House votes to end shutdown despite White House veto threat." 
Good job, Democrats.  Probably the finest hour in House history.  Passing a bill that will never see daylight in the Senate, and the President will never have to veto.  Good job!   But, in this largely clown-show gesture, they missed an opportunity.  Imagine what bargaining leverage they would have had if they had simply funded The Wall.  They might have gotten some concessions on the Dreamers, or any other of their pet projects.  But, they come out full-throated against the President and remind us how vastly important the Electoral College is in our modern world.

I fully expect the impeachment hearings to begin any minute, keeping us entertained while they spin their wheels.    The tragi-comedy of  watching the Democrats beat their heads against The Wall is going to make 2020 a cake-walk.  Not much is going to get done, but it will all be hyped by the leftist media as high drama.  ABC has become the garbage scow of news agencies, with CNN as the tug boat.

As a small-government guy, they say "shutdown" like it's a bad thing.  I notice that my military retirement hit the mailbox right on time, ad I notice that I have an appointment with the Social Security Administration later today, so they're still open.  I'm trying to figure out just what is shut down, and why it's a bad thing?


Termite said...

Wait till the House passes a measure to impeach Trump, and it dies in the Senate for lack of votes, similar to what happened with Bill Clinton.
A lot of snowflakes' heads are gonna explode, because they think that: (vote to impeach in House) = remove from office.
They apparently don't know that it takes a super majority of 2/3s in the Senate to convict, as per the US Constitution.

Navy91 said...

Most of them don't know the procedures laid out in the Constitution. They would have had to READ it to understand it. And, they would have had to vote for it to find out what's in it. Sarcasm off.

Old NFO said...

Agree with Navy91! Sigh... It's not sarcasm, it's probably the TRUTH!!!