Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Gender Roles

There are a couple of things I've noticed int he past week.  Both from Insty.

First, this:

Then This:
Today, with the freeing of females from traditional role constraints, it is still primarily men who do the dangerous and dirty jobs, who make up most of the first responders and the military who defend us, and who, as scientists and engineers, continue to address the natural world for understanding and to serve our needs. These are some of the ways that the characteristics and qualities of men benefit society. And it is the job of socialization to direct the traits of men into constructive channels, a more realistic and productive strategy than trying to turn males into females.
The one thing that I noticed recently, at a ceremony at the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine was that the overwhelming majority of students (upwards of 80%) were female.  This school is highly competitive, with a limited number of slots available to aspiring vets, and the successful applicants are overwhelmingly female.  The students that I know are uber-smart, talented people who would do well in any academic situation.  They are also going to be great veterinarians.


M. Silvius said...

Virtue signaling.....Greed disguised as progressivism

Jonathan H said...

I wonder how many of them will be urban/ suburban small animal/ pet vets and how many will do rural farm/ large animal work?
I know that the rural areas are crying for people to handle large farm animals and that vets who do that work can name their price and get it in most parts of the country.

Dave said...

I'm a cop with the University PD at Texas A&M. I've noticed much the same gender disparity at our vet school. (And this is, last the checked the top ranked vet school in the country.)

Med school is much more balanced. Unless you're on the nursing side. Almost entirely female.

RJ said...

I've heard repeatedly in stories about 'uber-egalitarian' Scandinavian countries where barriers to womens' entry into nearly all career fields and work roles have been removed, that the actual separation into those work roles increases. Health care and other related fields (veterinary medicine perhaps included) see significant majorities of women in the schools and moving into the work. Other areas remain or become predominantly male.

Apparently this has blown the minds of a lot of leftist social engineer types.

Haley said...

Thanks for sharing this great post.