Monday, August 07, 2017

Oh, The Drama

It seems that they have implemented campus carry in Texas, and one instructor had to make a visual protest.
Smith came to class on Tuesday dressed head to waist in protective combat gear - a bulletproof vest and helmet.
Heh!  His students weren't impressed.
 Others, took to describing the educator as "dumb," an "old fool" and a "f------ liberal."  
Some of his students probably wore that same attire earlier  in their career as a condition of employment.   If I were his Dean, I'd tell him to wear it at all times on campus, inside or out, hot or cold.  And, I'd make it a condition of employment.

That would break him of sucking eggs.


Old NFO said...

Oh hell yes, agreed! :-)

Retired Spook said...

Yeah, require him to wear it at all times on campus, and make him carry all his textbooks in a ruck that has to weigh at least 40 lbs. As you said, a bunch of his students had to hump that much every day.