Sunday, August 27, 2017

Saturday Shooting

The Peacemakers shot yesterday at the outdoor range at the church.  How many churches do you know that have a shooting range, right net to the rodeo arena?  Yeah, we're a cowboy church.  The rain held off, and while we prayed for our brethren in Texas who  are catching Harvey, we also took advantage of gentle breezes and cloudy skies to get a little shooting in.

That's Cookie in the foreground, and Squirrel Girl in the background, going head-to-head shooting 5-Card.  It's a fun match that simulates shooting from a card table.

Here, PawPaw in the blue shirt, vs Big Bill in the red shirt.  We're shooting doubles and it's a strategy game.  PawPaw is using two guns, one strapped on each hit.  Big Bill is using one gun, opting to  "take his time, in a hurry" to engage two targets.

And finally, a little informal practice.  That's Blue Eyed Belle on the right, then Fast Fred and Big Bill.  Just foolin' about with six-guns.

Yesterday was a great day, and we're hunkered down now for slow-moving Harvey.  It truly apears that he will devolve into a rainfall event, and not affect central Louisiana much at all.

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