Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Harvey - Again

That slow moving migrant bastard Harvey is still meandering aimlessly.  He's driving the NOAA crazy.  Here's the latest cone.  It looks like he might quit destroying Texas and finally get a move on.

That looks like what a storm cone is supposed to look like.  It appears that he is finally going to get a move on.  The only trouble is that he's supposed to come right across us at 1:00 a .m. Thursday.

I really don't look for much.  According to reports I'm seeing right now, we're talking about wind gusts up to 25 mph and lots of rain.  At least my buddies in Texas will start to dry out a little bit.

When I left work today, the School Board was still trying to decide if we need to open school tomorrow.  I'll check their website later.

UPDATE** School is in tomorrow.  PawPaw will check again about 5:00 a.m. to see if I actually have t put my boots on.

DOUBLE UPDATE** They closed schools.  The wind is picking up and the rain is blowing sieways.  Tomorrow, I'll be watching grandkids and that's okay, I didn't have anything planned anyway.


Old Grafton said...

Worse things abound over watching grandchilluns! Praying your weather is moderate!

Old NFO said...

Stay dry... And it's a good 'teaching moment' for the grandkids! :-)

Jonathan H said...

Hmm, looks like it could be a rainy weekend in the eastern Midwest - maybe it is a good thing I am not having the cookout I had thought about for the weekend...