Thursday, August 24, 2017

Here Comes Harvey!

The big news, weather-wise, is tropical storm Harvey.  It's supposed to come in tomorrow and dump copious amounts of rain on south Texas, but I've watched these things before and they tend to head northeast once they make landfall.  That puts us square in the path, here in central Louisiana.

The National Hurricane Center is predicting that we'll get six inches or so of rainfall, with the associated wind.  The forecast should firm up today and tomorrow, but it looks like we are in for a weather event.

This weekend might be a good time to hunker down.


Judy said...

A big pot of gumbo and a good book or new knitting project would be what I would do.

Peripatetic Engineer said...

Looks like it will stall once it gets on shore. It may then re-enter the Gulf.