Thursday, August 10, 2017

Like A Hero

Someone at Wal-Mart put a back-to-school display on the gun rack.

Twitter is , predictably, freaking out.

Hunting season opens next month, and for many of the schools around here, the beginning of squirrel season is an out-of-school holiday.


Old NFO said...

Sometimes you just gotta wonder... sigh

JimB said...

There was a time, a long time ago, when every New York City public high school had a rifle range in the basement. Since then the city and eventually the country has been run buy and large by fools. It's a real shame.

Jonathan H said...

Let them freak out - in the long run it will draw attention and help the pro gun cause.
If that store is like some of the Wally Worlds that I've been in, there are few places in the sporting goods section to put a topper like that - whoever was told to put it out went for the simple solution and management apparently didn't check their work.