Wednesday, August 09, 2017


Casting about for a Wednesday post, I figured I'd highlight my Model 38.  It is a hump-back, a vestige of an earlier time, and one of my favorites.  It's my everyday carry pocket revolver.

Some have said, from a purely logical, rational perspective that it is less than optimal to carry a small revolver.  With only five shots, I'd me much better served by one of the wondernines (and, I include there the various .380s, which are simply short 9mms).

But, in the final analysis, I'm probably less than optimal in lots of things, and the J-frame revolver has been a trusted friend for  about three decades, even if I've only had this one for six years.


Flugelman said...

Yep, I'm also kinda partial to my 640. It is a little heavy but still ok for pocket or ankle carry. I like the ability to carry full on .357 loads and the heaviness helps with recoil.

Anonymous said...

Several months ago I became the proud owner of a Ruger LCR in .327 Federal Magnum. I like it. While I would not want to spend an afternoon feeding it a couple of boxes of full power Magnums, a range session with some gentler .32 loads, finishing up with a couple of cylinders of Magnums is doable and keeps the perishable skills from perishing. I normally carry a Sig M11a1, but for puttering around the yard or a trip to the mailbox, the Ruger does nicely.

Goatwhiskers said...

Younger LEO's used to bug me about why I carry a 1911. Had one over 40 yrs, I'm comfortable with it. If you're happy with that wheelgun, then that's the right one. Kinda thinking on getting another, don't have one now. GW

Old NFO said...

You're old school enough to actually 'know' how to use oe, and are comfortable with it. No reason to change a good thing!