Friday, October 10, 2014

Healthcare Rates Rising

Many Louisiana residents are looking at rising healthcare rates, based on the risk pools in Obamacare, and we all remember that our senior senator, Mary Landrieu, was one of the sixty votes who foisted this "fundamental change" on us.  My very own wife, who I dearly love, recently got a large packet of information.  Her health insurance as a state retiree is going up, and she has choices to make.  Larger premiums, larger co-pays, larger deductible, and less coverage.  Just what Louisiana needs, and Mary voted for it

Thanks, Mary, we'll try to repay the favor on November 4th when we put you in the unemployment line.

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Anonymous said...

I know this is tangential thinking BUT....what type of severance package will she get? Won't she be considered a public employee and be blessed with retirement bennies, health bennies and all of the other perks of government largesse? How much will she stand to benefit for her "gift" of working for the common good?