Saturday, October 11, 2014

LSU v Florida

Our beloved LSU Tigers take on the Florida Gators tonight in Gainesville, and PawPaw is set to watch the matchup from his easy chair.  Younger son and his wife are coming over to see the game.  It seems that she graduated at Gainesville at some point in the past, and wears blue and orange, through and through.    My dearly beloved, the gal I call Milady, is an LSU grad.  Purple and gold predominate in her wardrobe.

My son and I both graduated from Northwestern (no, not that Northwestern) State University of Louisiana, and we're used to having a team that sucks.  Still, I attended LSU as an undergrad and while I didn't graduate from there, if you want to cheer a football team in Louisiana, LSU is as good as any. (And a whole helluva lot better than most.)

Both teams are presently un-ranked and in the doldrums.  It might actually be a good game.

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