Friday, October 17, 2014

Top Holder Official Resigns - Fast and Furious

It seems that a top Holder deputy has resigned after allegations that Fast and Furious guns were used to injure Americans in Phoenix.  Breitbart tells the tale:
The top deputy to Attorney General Eric Holder announced his resignation on Thursday amid revelations that Operation Fast and Furious scandal guns were used to harm Americans in Phoenix in 2013, a development top congressional Republicans say President Obama’s administration sought to cover up.
You may recall this ill-intentioned, poorly-executed operation from 2010, when Holder's Justice Department let guns walk across the Mexican border.  You'll also recall that Eric Holder was held in contempt by Congress after having hidden under a bogus claim of executive privilege.  That contempt citation is still pending.  The cover-up continues, and Holder has yet to be held accountable for his violations of US law in this, and other operations he's carried out for the President.

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