Saturday, October 18, 2014

9mm Ammo

This past week, I made another bulk buy of ammo, from  This time, 9mm ammo, sold by the pound.  I bought 11 pounds of bulk 9mm ammo, with no other warranty than it was good ammo with reloadable brass cases.  The price was $72.00.  Fair enough.

The ammo came in this week, so I commenced to sorting it by headstamp.  Lots of 9mm ammo, and the manufacturer came out as follows

PMC - 101
Blazer Brass - 205
Speer - 139
Winchester - 5
Federal - 2
G.F.L - 1
HPR - 1

That's waht it looked like on the table.  I was fairly familiar with most of those headstamps, but I have to admit that those last two piqued myf interest.

A quick Google search, and GFL brass is evidently a headstamp of Fiocchi.  Okay then.  I know Fiocchi ammo, and we're good to go.

HPR is revealed to be an outfit called High Precision Range ammunition.  I admit I've never heard of them, and with just one round of ammo, I doubt that I'll be able to give much of a product review.  How one round got into that box of ammo is anyone's guess, but I was told it was a bulk purchase with mixed headstamps.

Total round count on that shipmet was 454 rounds.  If you consider that the ammo box is worth $9.00, then the ammo cost just under 14 cents per round.  Not a bad deal on 9mm ammo.

II'm becoming a fan of


Old NFO said...

They do have some good deals! :-)

Anonymous said...

That solo HPR round look like it might be a reload. I'd cull it out.


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Rajendra said...

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