Monday, October 06, 2014

Two Goblins Down

Two goblins down in Houston. It seems that four armed nitwits attempted to rob a bar in Houston, but a customer skinned his smoke wagon and went to work.
Two men were fatally shot by a customer after they attempted to rob a north Harris County bar early Saturday — the latest in a fury of shootings in Houston this week. Jenny O’Donnell, owner of EJ’s Place, said four armed men came to her bar in the 16400 block of Kuykendall at Colwell, around 2:30 a.m.
Evidently, they had lookouts.
a head bartender and waitress were closing up for the night when two men walked into the bar and demanded everyone get down on the floor. Two other men “lingered at the bar door,” she said.
but they didn't expect resistance from inside the bar.
That’s when a customer at the bar pulled his own gun and started shooting at the men, she said. The attempted robbers fired at least three rounds inside the bar, said O’Donnell.
Final tally; two dead, two escaped. It seems that the customer left before the police arrived. He may have had personal reasons for telling the po-po what he was doing with a gun in a bar, or he might not have had a permit, or any number of reasons, but the bar owner considers him a hero.

Nice shooting, Tex.


zdogk9 said...

I just love a happy ending.

Anonymous said...

In Texas it is illegal to have a firearm in any place that get 51% of more of it's revenue from the sale of alcholic beverages.Whether he had a license to carry a handgun or not he was illegal.That said,I'm glad he was armed and that he acted as he did.Two more gone is a good thing.

Gerry N. said...

Some laws have no good reason to be obeyed.

Old NFO said...

And nobody saw nuthin... :-)