Wednesday, October 08, 2014

PMC Ammo

Y'all might recall from last week when I gave readers a heads-up about an ammo deal from  Like many of you, I ordered a box and it came in yesterday.

A cursory glance at the cartridges inside show a PMC headstamp, and I admit that I'm fairly ignorant of PMC ammo, so I did a little research.  Eric was shipping from damaged boxes, so he couldn't tell us what exact ammo we were getting, but after a little cursory detective work, I believe I have it nailed down.

The first clue, of course was the PMC headstamp which told me the manufacturer.  The second clue was the rounded profile,, shiny copper of the bullet itself, which revealed it to be standard ball ammunition.  The third clue was the large pistol primer in the head of the cartridge.  Armed with that informaiton, I went to the PMC website to see if I could nail it down.

I believe that what I have is PMC Bronze, #45A, which is a standard .45 ACP, 230 grain, full metal jacket ammo.  PMCs spec page tells me that it has a muzzle velocity of 830 fps, which makes it standard range ammo, identical to the old Western-Olin ammo so beloved of GIs worldwide.  A 230 grain bullet at 830 is nothing to scoff at and would serve well as defensive ammo in a pinch.  Sure enough, the pulled bullet from a sample round showed 229 grains on my old Hornady scale and revealed the bullet to be a common cup-and-core full patch bullet.  Yep, what we've got is common ball ammo.

Next, I took out my old family scale to see how much the whole thing weighed, just because I was curious, and found that it came to just over 21 lbs of ammunition.

Of course, the whole thing came packed in a Plano ammo can, an added value that you don't often find in bulk ammo deals.  That can is worth $8-$10 all by itself.

I wanted to repackage the ammo in 100-round freezer bags, so I got busy counting ammo.  After I had finished my count, including the one round I sacrificed to disassemble and weigh, I had just exactly 451 rounds of ammo.  Eric promised us 450 rounds of ammo, so his count was right.

If we consider that the ammo can is worth $9.00, then the ammo cost me $100.00, which comes to 22.2 cents per round, which is a screaming deal for .45 ball ammo.

Thanks Eric, and if you ever have another of these deals, let me know.Again, the link is


mostly Cajun said...

Got mine too. Hadn't had the gumption to research where it came from, but it looks good, basically as cheap as the cheapo Russky stuff, but with real bras cases and Boxer primers, so it's reloadable.

Excellent deal!


Anonymous said...

Did anyone else get the steel cased stuff? I can't seem to make out the headstamp.

Great deal on the PMC!

phred said...

Thanks for doing the digging and posting what you found - not to mention telling us about the deal in the first place. Mine is also all PMC. I've shot plenty of this in the past without issue. I currently have some reloads wearing its brass.

Anonymous said...

I got steel, mine is marked "Tulammo" opposite is 45auto Deacon