Thursday, October 16, 2014

Center for Disease Control

The Center for Disease Control has thoroughly screwed the pooch on this whole Ebola thing.  Knowing that the disease has been out of control for several months in Africa, they failed to come up with effective protocols for treatment, and they're "learning on the fly" now.

Noah Rothman, over at Hot Air, lays out their failures.
Incompetence and excuse making are fundamental traits which the public has become accustomed to seeing in federal agencies and the bureaucrats who manage them, but first responders addressing an acute crisis are supposed to behave differently. If the public does not believe the federal government can get their arms around this Ebola crisis, the public will start taking matters into their own hands. That is an outcome no one wants to see.
If we look at the webpage for the CDC (linked above) we see that they're active in a great number of things that have nothing at all to do with diesase.  Like violence, and workplace hazards, and social media.  So, I've got an idea.

First, fire everyone in the top three layers of management.  Just fire them.  If any of them have professional certifications (like the AMA) recommend that their licenses be pulled.  Then, limit the CDC, by statute, to only studying infectious diseases.   They don't need to be involved in 80% of the stuff they worry about.  The CDC should be staffed with good doctors, studying infectious diseases.  Nothing else.  It's clear that they've lost their way, and we should provide adult leadership to them by severely limiting their scope and focus.  And their budget.  It's become increasing apparent tha they have too much time on their hands, and no leadership to help them focus.


Anonymous said...

Well said. Fire the top three levels down in all federal agencies and watch good things happen.

Old NFO said...

And do the same for NIH... sigh... Useless idjits in BOTH organizations!