Friday, October 03, 2014

Ammo Alert

I got an email yesterday from Eric, at, telling me about a special deal of readers of PawPaw's House.

According to his email, they got some .45 ACP in damaged boxes that they can't sell as-is, so they're packing it in 450 round cans and selling it for $109.00 for the whole can. Eric tells me that these 450 round cans will sell for $109.00 per can, shipping included.  If you're interested you can find them at the .45 ACP ammo page.  Eruc tells ne that with the limited supply, there is a limit of one can per customer.  If you do the math, that comes to just a bit over 24 cents per round, delivered to your door.  Not a bad price at all.

This is a flash sale, and it goes off at 1100 hrs EDT, so go over and get some practice ammo.  This is a great deal.  I'll have a can on the way for my own use.


JPG said...

Thanks for the tip. For some time I'd meant to get an account with Ammoman. I've now done so, and placed my order for some mixed .45. Best, JPG

Anonymous said...

Mine is on the way. Thank you for posting this source. I believe the Plano box the ammo comes in is worth $10 to $12. Deacon